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One of the most notorious design decisions of Go is how it approaches error handling. Go handles errors explicitly by returning them as values from any function that can possibly raise an error. To many, this way of error handling is uncomfortable at first. The tediousness of having every function not only return an optional error but also check the returned error from every function seemed to be too tedious.

8-Minute Read

ElasticSearch (and similarly OpenSearch[1]) is a popular OLAP database that allows you to quickly search and aggregate your data in a rich and powerful way. It is a mature storage technology build on top of Apache Lucene that has been used to back many online storefronts and analytical processing products around the world. Under the hood, ElasticSearch uses Lucene to index each field in the document so that queries can be executed efficiently.

12-Minute Read

One of the prevailing forms of communication in modern microservice architectures is asynchronous messaging. This is the backbone of the event-driven architecture model. In this model, services send messages to a message broker, which then distributes (publishes) the messages to interested (subscribed) clients. A message can be used to describe an event in the system, such as the creation or update of an entity. This allows you to loosely couple different components of your system by having them…

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