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One of the prevailing forms of communication in modern microservice architectures is asynchronous messaging. This is the backbone of the event-driven architecture model. In this model, services send messages to a message broker, which then distributes (publishes) the messages to interested (subscribed) clients. A message can be used to describe an event in the system, such as the creation or update of an entity. This allows you to loosely couple different components of your system by having them…

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Being a software developer can be overwhelming at times. There are an endlessly diverse set of tools, technologies, languages and frameworks to choose from. To make it worse, that list grows larger and larger each day. Tools like git, docker, docker-compose, kubernetes, ssh, curl, sed, awk, grep, jq etc. are all tools we use multiple times a day.

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In addition to storing primitive data types such as INT, FLOAT and VARCHAR, PostgreSQL supports storing JSON and binary JSON (JSONB). These JSON types have a wide variety of functions and operators[1]. One of the more common and useful operators is the concatenation operator, ||, which concatenates two jsonb values into a new JSONB value.

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